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Table of Contents

Product Overview

AdminForce Powerwall 3 goes far beyond the simple firewall protection that has till now been the industry norm. A sophisticated firewall is simply where the AdminForce Powerwall 3 Network Security System protection starts.

The Powerwall's feature of automated reporting of critical computer network operations, presents a constant view as to network security and operating status. Our Intrusion Monitor is a critical offensive element found exclusively with The AdminForce Powerwall. The automated monitoring is supplemented by an alarm system with escalated warnings and an "on guard" monitoring force of technicians trained to identify any danger signs that appear in your network. The Powerwall 3 Installation is automated and remotely installed. This and more is included in The Powerwall 3. The reduced internal IT requirements are designed to meet the budget of small to medium sized businesses. Enterprise level protection can now be afforded by a broad range of business needing improved network security.

AdminForce is dedicated to making the Internet safe for your business communications and e-commerce activities. The development strength of AdminForce engineering staff has produced a product that combines new levels of sophisticated protection with a network security system and pricing structure unheard of previously for this level of network security.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Secure Linux-Based system

    A general purpose operating system provides flexibility and less costly maintenance, while delivering outstanding performance.

  • Based on industry-standard packet-filtering techniques; includes application proxies

    The heart of the AdminForce Powerwall is the default deny based packet filtering rules, which blocks any packet to the network that isn't explicitly allowed.

  • Proxy Services

    The full range of proxy services are built-in to the AdminForce Powerwall including DNS, Web, E-mail, CUSeeMe, realaudio and video, and more.

  • User authentication and authorization with VPN service

    The AdminForce Powerwall VPN service authorizes access by verifying the identity of users at the firewall and permitting or denying access to any TCP- or UDP-based application.

  • Centralized configuration and management with the AdminForce Security Team

    Our trained staff will monitor the Powerwall logs for problems 24x7x365. Our security staff continually review new techniques in the security field and deploy improvements to our installed base as a matter of course. Our secure web-based "Monitoring Center" is available to customers to see the vital statistics of those systems we manage for you. The AdminForce Powerwall can automatically provide real-time alerts of any attempted firewall breaches through e-mail or pager notification.

  • An Adaptive Intrusion Detection System

    The AdminForce Powerwall's adaptive intrusion detection system monitors the network to identify what normal traffic is and alerts on unusual traffic in a highly customizable fashion.

  • Synchronized configurations for effective recovery from hardware failure


Table 1: Technical Specifications for AdminForce Powerwall 3

Hardware Case

19-in. rack-mountable (comes with rack-mount hardware) or desktop or tower configuration

Random Access Memory

128 MB


100-240 VAC


50-60 Hz


1.5-0.75 Amps

Dimensions (H x W x D)

5.21 x 16.82 x 17.5 in.

(13.2 x 42.7 x 44.5 cm)


21 lb. (9.5 kg)

Operating Temperature

-25 to 113F (-5 to +45C)

Storage Temperature

-77 to 158F (-25 to +70C)

Operational Humidity

95% relative humidity (RH)

Operational Altitude

9843 ft (3000m), 77F (25C)

Heat Dissipation (Worst Case with Full Power Usage)

863.27 BTU/hr

  • Cut-through proxy authentication and authorization

  • Multiple interface support (10/100 Mbps ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI)

  • Up to 4 ethernet interfaces

  • Address Masquerading (AM) further expands a company's address pool—one IP address supports more than 64,000 hosts

  • Mail Guard removes need for external mail relay server in perimeter network

  • Radius authentication

  • DNS Guard transparently protects outbound name and address lookups

  • Flood Guard and Fragmentation Guard protect against denial of service attacks

  • Java blocking eliminates potentially dangerous Java applets (not compressed or archived)

  • Extremely high-performance URL filtering that surpasses the competition in any enterprise-scale network

  • Linux command-line interface

  • Extended authentication, authorization, and accounting capabilities

  • Net Aliasing transparently merges overlapping networks with the same IP address space

  • Enhanced granularity of inbound access (conduits)

  • Allows use of existing registered IP addresses

  • Extended access lists

  • Ability to customize protocol ports

  • Support for private networking of virtual sites.

  • AdminForce Remote Service for remote management

  • Reliable syslogging using either TCP or UDP

  • Extended transparent application support includes:

    • Sun remote procedure call (RPC)

    • Microsoft Networking client and server communication (NetBIOS over IP)

    • Multimedia, including Progressive Networks` RealAudio, Xing Technologies` Streamworks, White Pines` CuSeeMe, Vocal Tec`s Internet Phone, VDOnet`s VDOLive, Microsoft`s NetShow, VXtreme Web Theatre 2; and Intel`s Internet Video Phone and Microsoft`s NetMeeting (based on H.323 standards)

Powerwall Manager Specifications

  • E-mail and pager alarms can be set based on single events or after a threshold is reached

  • Built-in reports to display FTP and URL activity per user on a daily basis

Ordering Information

Where to buy AdminForce Remote products

Call 877-905-0777 toll-free.

Services and Support

The Powerwall 3 Network Security Service is a turnkey package which includes all monitoring, intrusion protection, service and upgrades for one year.

Ongoing service, remote monitoring and automatic upgrades are available on a yearly contract basis.

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