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The AdminForce Powerwall® 3 Network Security System is designed with cutting edge technology to meet the increasing security requirements of industry and institutional network operations. AdminForce Powerwall® 3NSS provides network security protection in a turnkey service package not previously available. The design and new security elements of AdminForce Powerwall® 3NSS will enable moderate- and small-sized business to obtain protection previously affordable to enterprise operations. AdminForce Powerwall® 3NSS includes a remote installation element, remote monitoring, weekly activity reports and a sophisticated Intrusion Detection System with alarm and early warning features.

Current firewall protection is costly and too often provides only a time-sensitive period of protection. In its purchase price AdminForce Powerwall® includes an automatic monitoring and upgrade package.

Linux is at the base of the Powerwall structure. Linux has not been troubled with viruses as have other operating systems and their related applications. In fact, most "worms" and "viruses" do not affect Linux anywhere in the world.

Frequent virus alerts can be costly and raise client fears for those engaged in e-business, but the activities of "crackers" seeking to break into proprietary information of companies pose a potentially greater threat to a business. Since "crackers" keep developing new attack strategies, the AdminForce Powerwall® monitoring center continually upgrades the AdminForce Powerwall® 3NSS to meet their threats.

AdminForce Powerwall® 3 Network Security System is designed to provide a level of powerful, affordable network security that has not previously been available.

More information can be found in the Powerwall® Spec Sheet.

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