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AdminForce Talent Registration Form

To ensure that all AdminForce products are of the highest caliber, we are always on the lookout for more Linux Talent. Please fill out this form to provide us with your contact information, your availability, and to identify areas in which you have Linux expertise.

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Full-time Part-time Consulting Basis

Which Linux distributions have you worked with extensively:

Corel Debian Red Hat Caldera SuSE Slackware Mandrake

* Indicate those Linux subsystems for which you have a professional level of configuration and debugging expertise:

Samba Apache Bind HylaFAX NIS
Sendmail Exim Qmail qpopper imap
Squid PAM lprng magicfilter proftpd
TCP/IP ipchains mime-support dosemu wine
Kernel isapnp PostgreSQL MySQL Oracle
X11 Ethernet Sound sane Beowulf
KDE FVWM2 enlightenment icewm gimp
VNC menu dpkg apt Syslogd
  Zope kernel-package other  

* Indicate those programming languages and libraries for which you have a professional level of coding and debugging expertise:

Python Perl AWK Bash lisp
C glibc C++ Java cvs/rcs
tcl/tk xlib gtk qt motif
SGML XML LaTeX php logo
PostScript HTML lesstif ncurses make
CodeFusion scheme other    

List any other languages and libraries for which you have a guru-level of understanding and experience:


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